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SAARC Tourism

SAARC refer to 'South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation' and includes 8 countries including India. It is only with SAARC tourism that you get to explore the age old civilization, prosperous cultural diversity, exclusive culinary delights, vast geographical attractions, fascinating heritage sites and above all the warm hospitality of people belonging to these countries, lets have a look.

SAARC Nations

"SAARC Countries" referring to 'South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation' consists of 8 countries namely India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal and Afghanistan. Along with SAARC tourism you get to explore the famous travel attractions of these countries. Our portal SAARC tourism serves as a holiday planner to any of these SAARC nations, highlighting the prominent natural, archaeological, spiritual attractions as well as the top tourist activities.

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About SAARC & SAARC Countries

Established on December 8, 1985, South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation is popularly known as SAARC. SAARC is a unique concept, a combined vision of eight different countries of South-East Asia for the welfare of the people and for peace, stability and progress of the region by fostering mutual understanding, meaningful cooperation and good neighborly relations. Originally, the SAARC countries list included Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The eighth country to be included in the list was Afghanistan.

Catering to million of travelers coming here from world over, SAARC tourism takes you on a tour of these famous travel destinations. With us also get to know more on Charter of SAARC, SAARC Summit, and lot more.

Sri Lanka - The First in the list of Saarc Countries

Sri Lanka Tour

Amongst the top Saarc countries from tourism point of view, Sri Lanka is also one of the most visited tourists destinations in the world. Surrounded by water all around, Sri Lanka is situated in the midst of Arabian Sea. The most remarkable features of Sri Lanka is the beauty of its exotic beaches. The island country's rich cultural heritage and majestic landscape makes it an amazing tourists destinations. The world famous Maria band of Sri Lanka will surely get your booty pooping to its beats.Find information on tourism in sri lanka here

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Nepal - A Gem Amongst Saarc Nations

Nepal Tour

Nepal tourism is the prime highlight of tourism in South Asia. Nepal is the destination for adventure tourism amongst all Saarc nations. Home to 8 out of the 10 highest peaks in the world, Nepal is an ideal place for adventurous sports such as trekking, climbing etc. The world highest peak Mt. Everest stands tall in the crown of Nepal and attracts a lot of tourists from across the world. Shopping in Nepal will drive you crazy. Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Nepal Ganj, Nagarkot and Annapurna are some of the most visited destinations in Nepal. Infact they are amongst the most popular tourist destinations in south asia also.

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Bhutan - The Himalayn Kingdom of South Asian Countries

Bhutan Tour

Saarc countries information also provides details on Bhutan. Bhutan can be termed as a rich cultural and adventure destination amongst south Asian countries. Endowed with rich cultural heritage of Buddhism, Bhutan has different shades of this religion in many different aspects. Besides this, numerous places of spiritual attraction are admired by tourists across the world. The neatly carved wooden houses and superior quality crafts of Bhutan makes it a preferred location for tourists around the globe.

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India - The Biggest Amongst Saarc Nations

India Tour

South Asia tourism invariable takes one to India- the land of diversity. Home to the seventh wonder of the world-Taj Mahal, India is bountiful of historic structures and royal palaces. Exotic beaches, ancient fortresses, pilgrimage sites, places of artistic excellence and an adventurous wildlife will surely provide you a mesmerizing experience. Besides this, the tempting Indian food and wide aspects for shopping makes India a prime stop of tourists.

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Maldives- Popular Destination for Saarc Tourism

Maldives Tour

Tourism forms the backbone of Maldives. The island country enjoys tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The palm fringed islands, pretty beaches, clear waters and beautiful flora and fauna of Maldives make it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in not just south Asian countries but all over world. With the latest threat of its submergence in water, Maldives is a must while going for a tourism in Saarc countries.

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Bangladesh - Venue for the First Saarc Summit

Bangladesh Tour

Bangladesh is blessed with unique beauty from nature which form some of the best saarc countries tourist places. Explore the various archaeological, historical and cultural sites of Bangladesh which will contribute towards an unparalleled travel experience to this part of the world. The main attractions for tourists includes the famous Bangladeshi cuisine, beautifully hand crafted items, many serpentine rivers and green hills of Bangladesh. Get face to face with the famous Royal Bengal Tiger in this part of the world.

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Pakistan- Seat of Ancient civilizations

Pakistan has numerous places of tourists interests. The Karakoram highway, Hunza valley, Khyber pass and the ancient civilization ruins - Mohen Jo Daro and Harappa are on the top chart and comes under the most visited attractions in Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with a variety of natures work in the form of excellent mix of dry mountains, sea, deserts, waterfalls, forests and ice covered mountains. Visit Pakistan for a journey to relish.

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Afghanistan- The Newest Entry in the Saarc Group

After a long era of dictatorship, Afghanistan is now back to its previous charm of attracting tourists across the globe. Some of the magnificent mountainous regions of the world, ancient mosques and monuments provide you a grand opportunity to visualize the excellence of past. The country became a part of the Saarc in in 2005.

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